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China Earthquake Release Efforts - May 13 2008

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Dear Friends & Families of Hawaii Chinese Association:

A major earthquake registering 7.9 on the Richter scale hit China's southwest province Sichuan at 2:28PM on May 12th. It was the most disastrous earthquake in China in the past 32 years. Significant damage has been reported in rural areas surrounding the epicenter, and current loss of life is estimated to be upwards of 12,000 people. More than 60,000 people are still inaccessible. People in the rest of the country including Shanghai and Beijing all felt huge tremors at the first wave of earthquake.

The localities most severely affected by the earthquake are in the area around Wenchuan, Sichuan province. Shannxi, Gansu, Yunnan and Chongqing are also affected. Wenchuan is still inaccessible by road and telecommunications remain limited, so the full extent of damages there has yet to be assessed. Many local schools are badly affected and hundreds of students are trapped under the rubble. Due to torrential rain, planes and helicopters are also unable to land in the area. At present, cash donations represent the best way to get help where it is needed most as relief supplies must be procured locally and cannot be shipped in due to transportation disruptions.

Karaoke Contest "China Earthquake Relief" - Sunday, June 8th 1:00 - 6:00pm at the McKiney High School

Hawaii Chinese Association will be holding a fundraise Karaoke events at McKinley High School on June 08 2008 Sunday at 2:00pm. Ticket will be $10 per person. All the proceed will be donated to China Earthquake fund through "Tzu Chi" Foundation. Prior to the Karaoke event, Hawaii Chinese Association will be collecting donations to aid the millions of survivors. Please reach out and help, every penny will make a different in someones life. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

To contribute please make your check payable to:

Hawaii Chinese Association
China Earthquake fund.
1448 Liliha Street # 201
Honolulu Hi, 96817

For Karaoke fundraise tickets please contact "ERA Video Internationl / Spots Karaoke" or Hawaii Chinese Association Directors

Thank you.
Joannie Tam
Hawaii Chinese Association.
Tel: (808) 228-9088

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Officers & Directors (2008)

Name Title Professional Affiliation Professional Title Email Address
Joannie Tam President Central Pacific Properties Owner joannietam@yahoo.com
Judy Liu Chairman   Realtor judyliu2003@yahoo.com
Carol Tsai Immediate Past President Carol Tsai Investment President caroltsai@hawaii.rr.com
Diana Sum 1st Vice President Sum's Auto Manager sum_auto@yahoo.com
Selene Wang 2nd Vice President Dragron Tours & Travels Inc Executive VP selene@dragontours.com
Robert Wong Secretary     robertwonghonolulu@hotmail.com
Wanda Tse Director / Treasurers TIMCorp, Inc. Manager wtimcorp@yahoo.com
Doris Chen Director      
Johnson Choi Director & Web Master Johnson Choi Consulting Group Inc / Hong Kong.China.Hawaii Chamber of Commerce President / President & Executive Director johnsonchoi@johnsonchoi.com ; info@hkchcc.org ; johnsonwkchoi@mycingular.blackberry.net
Albert Chung Director Hawaii Dept of Transportation Engineer Albert.Chung@hawaii.gov
Robert Hsiao Director     hsiaotc8@gmail.com
Amy Kang Director     mink903@hotmail.com
Katie Kao Director New York Life Agent kkao@ft.newyorklife.com
C S Li Director     cslihawaii@yahoo.com
Johney Liou Director     lbj8889@yahoo.com.tw
Andee Lo Director     elviralo@msn.com
Elvira Lo Director Elvira Chocolat Owner elviralo@msn.com
Carol Lu Director Mortgage Broker   carol888us@yahoo.com
Irene Ting Director NCR Corporation Manager irene.ting@ncr.com   
Chun Yu Wang Director      
Richard Wang Director     richardwrichardw@yahoo.com
Linda Wyrgatsch Director      
James Zhong Director      


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Address: PO Box 270918, Honolulu, Hawaii 96827, USA

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